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default String (pluck) String (bow) Woodwind Harpsicord Pong Steel drum Skytrain sound Zoog ADG pattern loop Antimpani WineGlass KOOLANDREASPATCH Blahhhhhhh Bow bow Hypnofrog Antimpani Paleo party Psuedo Pheedback aaaaaaaaa AColl Tibetan Singing Bowl hmm Zoomer Wind pipe idunno Sound surf Cricketmaster 2000 PSI:12 A synth Blooming Church Organ throbbing bass womoosjd bam Zoog Comfort String with pb-variation Snargles Snargle Mogs Ovalis Woop Organ wobbly organ FXFSFF Brap Ba babababa looup hithithit i tried SATAN weird Overand 1 Cricketmaster 2000 fat Different Steel Drum Boomer Kinder surprise Woogly Moogly Wooogly Moogly yoz1 yoz1 Cyclical Dependency asdfwerwer fitful sleep Fitful Sleep fitful sleep Paleo party 8-bit-armada Robot Hickup Swell Boomer11 Shimmer Swell The shriek Richness Experiment triplet odness Arthropod Wind pipe Deep Texture Bleak Opening Drone kiciminicindekises Deep Base token Earpatch wabblewabblewabble Turtle walk aebi beeping Giggui Whop Bow bow hass tack sass bolbobl Soft Tone Purplelectro Earpatch Indigo space Tum te tum Space hospital Zoomer MUSIC LOOP BOX Oscimallaticator Yuuuiikinu Shallow Zipla lazer toms crude clarinet xylophone lazer staccato organ Boomer Boomer Turtle walk Bleak Turtle walk Slow Sines Slow Sines warping Dawn2001 Machien gun Sonic screwdriver Turtle walk dubtep Turtle walk Paleo party Elecric Sound Alien Abduction Chime Sound surf potatofan mains Rhythms Nuanced fanstyle True_Fan Virus Sound Suppresion Water System Cricketmaster 2000 Soft Hum Confusion S'S Modem Hurgadur The shriek MUSIC LOOP BOX 2! Modem Koo Boomer Shatter Your Eardrums Dwarving pad Loopy Zoog quencer crister Submarine Modem lipsthatsuckdicks onlylipsthatsuckdicks Fax Machine String box Earpatch Funky (VXP) Kinder surprise Kinder surprise inmoles Purple_1 Bow bow Koo Ding Dong bird helicopteroDaniel pajaro cotogchense extraterrestrialbird Old computer beeps Zoomer Shallow Deep Zoomer ello SlipperyPete Not sure what this is but it's weird sounding Zoomer Bleak Bleak broken Something Koo Kinder surprise 17pitchbend Antimpani Bleak Atmospheric Cricketmaster 2000 Ringtone Annoying Computer Bleeps and Bloops and Blaaps wobbling home Zoog Rapmaster Bleak Bow bow josh rekj Space Drone Ten Harmonics Frequency Modulation and Amplitude Modulation Zoomer Bass String box Zoomer something in the dark Paleo party Antimpani The shriekhgf Indigo Sound surf Koo Earpatch dsadasd Turtle walk Koo Boomer Paleo party Hell is coming eafeafeaf Sound surf poporpol Sound surf Kinder surprise The shriek Zoog Bleak Turtle walk Boomer lol Shallow Cricketmaster 2000 Modem Kinder surprise Boomer The shriek Paleo party help Modem String box Paleo party Bell Rapmaster Rapmaster Turtle walk ALienMessage Zoomer Wind pipe Boomer Shallow Kinder surprise notification Bleak Modem siren aliens Shallesses piano Sound surf parnikkapore interference surprise alien's phones hiphop BURGLAR ALARM! factory(steel drum) String box Idiot mum hit dad mic lo-signal sat old computer + countdown Turtle walk Chirp Splash Five Eight Feeback Bomb Shelter Serialien Beat Rumble Strip Birdhouse in Your Soul Chomp Zoog kinder surprise Alien Bird Zoog Zoog Fm7add4 low drone low drone deeeeep Indigo Sound surf Substance Cardio Kilter I doser Ecuador Creepy Tone Shepard Adaptation Shepard Tone Circus Kinder surprise Bow bow Going opening drone smoother smoothest Paleo party RoboSound2014 RoboSound2014-2(The glider) String box Swellll swellslow deep strings Zoog The shriek strings longer frozen groundswell Shallow deeepeven HOSPITAL Rich Pluck With Echo Harmonic Tone Beeper With Attack Octaves Multiples Up to 880 Bass Drum (pick lower octaves) Deep Bass and Kick Sound surf Sound surf Super Pluck! Deep Bass Indigo Fast Tremmolo Reverse Flute Morse Code Drummer Sound surf Sometimes Tuned Square Octave Arpeggiator Major I Arpegiator Glassy Tines Widing Filter metal blade moovment electric speaker boom work glass water metal blade alarm chrome shader the sound of quietness falling star spark storm falling star Creepy Wobbly Tine Reverse Click Bell Simple Stab Metal Tine and Bass Simple Shots Desync Over Time metal plate bend bell piano Golden Drops Plucked Bow Muted Center Kinder surprise Kinder surprise fajne steel drum bass electric chaos Harmony Sound surf town bell music clock cosmic waves score piano tick instrument infra bass Pitch Bend /i/ /u/ /a/ Bow bow Wind pipe Kick Fifths 3rd 4th 2ndMin 2ndMaj wine glass tone gheeyhbvgvbhruhgvyrfvgsyu Tremolo Trill Tremolo Trill 2 shepard tone illusion bass bell silent parkle Koo Koo Paleo party Scary Lounger demo Cricketmaster 2000 Indigo sines of times Paleo party long transform Boomer (treble) Bleep boop Bass woodwind Harmonic Monster Color bar killer Paleo party Slavaian Bow bow aliens-inbound Clinkle Organ REAL NOTHING Modem Wind pipe Cricketmaster 2000 Cricketmaster 2000 Chromatic Offset Falling SIne cORruPTor The shriek Wind pipe Zoomer Rapmaster farts Scates Zoomer saxophone$ guitard Unis tutututu Bleak Bleaker kick Turtle walk bom bom bom The shriek dwaa Watdafuq Weeeeeeee What Weeeeeeee cricket Koo Turtle walk Piano pl Wind pipe Wind pipe HACKED!!!! Earpatch Cricketmaster 2000 Indigo Uknown frequencies bobobo Droning motor FBvd Lrfg yop VXDFB Axc Kids op Noic (ASD) Søren Apple Apple Søren The shriek Wow DRGVBTFGV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZAOP Aol 455555 jF øåπ Ciypo TFDV Dad - Salc off Sale on Hal on GHFGHNGFHNFGHNGHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dvdsfgn Just dopm eriewu Asnxj Emkd Bleak piano live01 Indigo String cbcvKoo sad boards String box Bleak 1 Bow bow pulseo Sci-fi alert alien scream Marimba chaotic orchestra Violet